The Latinx Center at The University of Denver 

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The Latinx Center at The University of Denver advances critical interdisciplinary research, scholarly and creative work, and curricular development related to the historical, political, cultural, and intellectual legacy of Latin@s. The Latinx Center promotes excellence in scholarship and teaching to reflect the cultural experiences of Latin@s across the globe.

Through its varied scholarly and cultural activities and events, the center promotes a vision rooted in social justice and equity and is an essential participant in a cultural and intellectual process of empowerment and transformation.

Who We Are 

By investing in people who are traditionally excluded, we create scholarship for and by the Latin@ communities, advancing knowledge of our history, politics, culture, and legacies. As a community of scholars, we center the connection between the mind and the heart of the community which is the foundation from which we have emerged as scholars. 

What We Do

The Latinx Center plays a critical role in the creation and dissemination of knowledge and understanding about the Latin@ experience. We promote a liberative critical engagement of the scholarship, pedagogy, university and society that surrounds us. 

the latinx center at the university of Denver
The Latinx Center at the University of Denver

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The Latinx Center provides mentorship, funding and support for Latin@ graduate students and faculty, and those engaging in research and creative works focused on the Latinx experience. We center the needs of Latin@ students and faculty, and further our impact with regards to Latin@ issues, concerns, and communities, domestic and international.